Jun 12, 2008

How To Create A Fool-Proof Sales Letter For Your Product

For online marketer, whether they sell people product (affiliate/reseller) or sell their product, knowledge of creating sales letter is necessary. This knowledge will determine whether your customer candidate will buy or not to buy your product.

Well, actually this writing not to explain deeply how to create a sales letter because it will take times to much, I just tell how exactly the form of sales letter from the top level to the bottom level that you should know. Knowing this form doesn’t mean you will be free and consider what I tell you this time is the final of sales letterform. There are still a large number of elements that you need to test and change something different of what you write about. It is just a bold line of what you should write about.

This image in left side of this writing is a good sales letterform. I’ve done the research about people sales letter and also quoted from some literature how to create sales letter and mostly the results are something like this one:

  1. Header;
  2. Headline;
  3. Testimonials;
  4. Information;
  5. Product introduction;
  6. Product benefits;
  7. The Call to action;
  8. Product guarantee;
  9. Summary and back to the call to action (closing);

Yes, that’s it. I will share you soon my little sales letter knowledge how to write good header, headline, testimonials and etc.. Thanx.


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