Jun 25, 2008

Testimonials Of Sales Letter

In this part, you need include some testimonials for your product to suggest your visitors that your product or your service is the best for them. If you have no any testimonial yet you need to contact by email your costumer and interview them some questions about your product and their opinion of your product. Your question could be how long they get benefit of your product. What about if you have no one customer yet?, you need to do another strategic to get testimonial. Firstly, get your prospect from anywhere, maybe your friends or someone that you trust before and then send the product to a few of your prospects for free in exchange for their testimonial.

If you think testimonials is necessary, yes absolutely you right. But for me it’s not enough if you want to build strong sales letter in your site. What you should do is needed to put your credentials; it means letter from popular person that people know much about him/her. Let say, he is a popular person in online business and you are an creator of how-to-get-tons-traffic-script, what you should do is send him you product for free and as exchange he must give the product credential for you. After you get it, you will know how strong the influence of credentials in your site then,
but you should only include these if they relate directly to the product or service you are offering on that mini-site.

Setting up testimonials and credentials are also demonstrating your ability about product, delivery service, and service after selling is indeed accurate and attainable by everyone. Placing your testimonials right up front is crucial. You want to get your prospect on your side as quickly as possible. If you're making a lot of powerful claims and you don't present your testimonials until the end, it may be too late. You may have built up so much doubt that even the strongest testimonial won't be able to overcome it.

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