Jun 25, 2008

The Informational Block of Sales Letter

In this part, you will talk about your business, but you don’t have to introduce your product. Most of sales letter consider that the informational block is something like you build up on the frustration they feel because of these problems and how you used to feel that way too (put your empathy with them to put yourself on their side). Give them a few hints that those problems are a thing of the past and close this block by telling them that you have a solution that will put an end to their problems. For my opinion what I’ve learned from several killer sales letters is correct because you wish visitor agree what you said and after they agree it’s much easier to direct them into what you want; make them buy what you sell.

The informational block has a purpose to put your self as someone who has deep understanding of what your visitor want. Actually you need to know psychological knowledge to understand your visitor. If your visitor thinks that Write an Article is so hardly so you must say that write an article is really hard to do but when you have found the secret how to write an article so write an article is not hard anymore and tend to be fun activity. You may say that was so hard and made me so frustrated with that and I learn and learn again until I got some secrets to write an interesting and attractive article and right now I want to reveal to you.

P.S : Pic was grabbed from ddatingg.info


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