Jul 6, 2008

The Product Introduction of Sales Letter

Talking about product introduction is the most important thing for sales letter. It is part your sales letter after the informational block. Product introduction consist of two things. The first one is about your product introduction as the solution to the problems of your prospects and the second one is a graphical representation of your product or service (The secret formula for creating killer mini-sites that sell like crazy! - killerminisites.com).

Product introduction is amust thing because you want to track your visitor by using letter and you have to explain your product into all details. Many experiences of producer or even reseller is still getting problems how to sell the product, it was because they didn’t know how to introduce their product to their prospect and it needs the expertise to track it. So with good form of sales letter, including the whole block of sales letter I mean, is to handle a problem to sell it. It tends to as a good system how to sell it and it really works but if you really find the system it self.

For me, the system it self like a closing-prospect-machine. Put it this way, when your prospect have read your product introduction and they feel still not interest with your product you can cover up with the benefit block then or other testimonials block to convince them. That’s why I refer to a system as machine.

Product introduction in your sales letter is not like introducing your self to new friends because your prospects determine what they want to buy based on what they need. Sometimes they probably see your product and feel interest to the product but they can’t find something inside your product eventhough your product is the best than another products. So what you have to do is using FAQ (Frequently Ask Question) because with this part your prospects will find another information about your product. Also in this part they will find what they looking for.

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