Jun 18, 2008

The Headline Of Sales Letter

The headline of sales letter is a sentence to attract your visitor. You have to write with giving a big promise to your visitor and what kind of benefits they will get after buying your product. In this block sometimes in several sites give unbelievable promises of their product benefits. As an example:

"Discover the techniques to turn any electonic newsletter into a $20,000+ a month profit stream!"

For me, it’s okay if you want to write like that way if you really want to get high profit of your selling product. I know if your headline like that way can grab your visitor attention but for me it’s better if what you say is logic and responsible because if it is too exaggerate it will disappoint your customer and they never come and believe you again. The worst is they probably say to another people about badness thing of your product. Let think if they tell about your product in forum or in mailing list, you can get benefit if they tell about the good thing of your product, but what about something bad…

Here they are the examples (click them if you want to learn more)


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