Jun 4, 2009

The call to action of selling stuff in sales letter

Creating an irresistible offer of sales letter need a good tagline to make your prospects get action after they read your sales letter and call you since then. The tagline is the secret and the secret is important to make crazy offer in your website or blog because you don’t sell stuff face by face or knocking your prospect’s door and make a presentation in front of them. Before I explain how to make irresistible offer in your sales letter it’s better to know more a definition of irresistible offer. Mark joyner ever said that irresistible offer is an identity-building offer central to a product, service, or company where the believable return on investment is communicated so clearly and efficiently that it’s immediately apparent you’d have to be a fool to pass it up. I've developed this formula for you to use in your mini-blogs or sites:

Free stuff + Your most appealing benefit + deadline
= An irresistible offer nobody can refuse

Let's learn more about the formula, it’s easy to understand:

a) Free stuff.- On this part you'll offer valuable bonuses to your prospect. These bonuses need to be derived from the main benefit you have based your offer on - this will give your bonuses a perceived value that otherwise they wouldn't have.

b) Your most appealing benefit.- A single paragraph reminding them what your most appealing benefit is, this acts as a way to mentally underline their desire for your product and increases the percieved value of your bonus items.

c) Deadline.- Putting an end to your offer trough a period of time creates scarcity. You should be honest when setting a deadline and really take away the bonuses or raise the price when doing it. If you don't plan to do it, do not set a deadline to your offers.

A deadline makes prospects' minds thing: "Gee, I'd better get this before it's gone". This compels them into taking immediate action wich is the whole point of creating your mini-site.


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