Jul 16, 2008

The Benefits Block Of Sales Letter

Many products have its benefits. If you want to sell something you have to offer the benefits of your products. I am quite sure if you sell your product but you do not tell the benefits of your product so your products are still inside in your gallery, go nowhere, and still clean from dust. How to tell to prospects about benefits of your product, well, it’s better if you read a newspaper for couple moment and see their advertisements. Their ads must be offering the benefits as much as possible and offering the unique side, which will give the advantage. It is also similar to our part of sales letter (the benefits block of sales letter) and how to design it, it is the block you will use to build up on how your product can solve each of the problems your prospects have. Tell them about all the benefits that they will get once they own your product (or hire your service) and make these points as compelling and seductive as possible. Get your prospects to see themselves enjoying the benefits of using whatever you are selling.

The purpose of this block is to give information to your prospects and how attract their desire of their needs with the benefits of your products. Remember, sell products that your prospects needs, not what you need or thinking if you need so your prospects will need too. Use bullet lists to express the benefits and mix them with paragraphs to explain your more complex points; you can also mix in some testimonials to remind them that everything your are telling them is true and that you have others to prove it

P.S : Pic was grabbed from thefundraisermall.com/home.htm


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