Jun 4, 2009

The action summary block of sales letter

This is by far the most important block of them all. It is where you will make or break your site, it's your chance to close the sale. Your whole mini-site was created with a single purpose: to make visitors take immediate action... and this is where you get them to do it.

Finish up by stating once more your most appealing benefit and how it will help your prospect solve it's problems and finalize by asking for the order - you wouldn't believe how many people forget this final step, if you don't ask for the order they won't!

Make it easy and logical for them to purchase... remember this: "You can never make it to easy!". The process of placing an online order for your product can be obvious for you, but it's not as logical for everyone else; so make it as easy as possible for them to order and they will... make it just a tiny-little bit complex and they won't.


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