May 6, 2008

Karen Kong is The Most Popular People in Friendster

Karen Kong is Malaysian pop singer, she has over 150.000 friends and 800,000 page views per month.

Friendster as we know is social network, it is same with other social network like Myspace or face Facebook. Three of them have the advantage and disadvantage for user. I can’t compare one of another because I actually just have friendster profile and haven’t joined to Myspace or Facebook. I started to socialize myself in 2004, when Myspace and Facebook is not popular yet for asian people at the time. But now Myspace and Facebook has been big website in
Asia and they compete to be the best social network.

Based on my experience in socializing in Frindster, I found and even until now find the easy thing, such as finding friends, looking at friends’ profile, writing in message board, uploading my pictures, and many things. Particular for making friend in Friendster is so interesting and I have 50 friends and more connecting to them. Mostly comes from Indonesian people, it is because I am Indonesian too.

When I saw my friend Friendster profile with more than 500 friends, I ask to myself who is the famous people in Friendster?. Maybe she or he has a lot of friends and driving tons of traffic. And I don’t know who the person is. But in couple days before I read from article wrote about the popular people in friendster, the name is Karen Kong.

Karen Kong is Malaysian pop star. Five months after releasing her first album, Malaysian pop singer Karen Kong uploaded a video of a recent concert performance onto her Friendster page last summer, attracting two million viewers, mostly from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines and Indonesia. Her manager, Fred Chong, says that even though the record label created an expensive web site for the artist, Kong's Friendster profile is "way more powerful than any official page," attracting up to 800,000 page views per month. With more than 150,000 friends linked to her page, Kong has the biggest following of any Friendster user. "Her profile just exploded," says Chong. "For us, it's been a miracle."

Can u imagine how she made 150.000 friends and 800.000 page views per month? I just have 50 friends and 10 page views per month. It’s because I am not an artist and I understand that Karen Kong was help by her management to increase her traffic and Friendster is not only as personal place but has been official site or profitable site to promote people as a product of one industry. Karen Kong is a product it self.

Note : Pic was grabbed from Time Inc


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Aice Nice Concepts said...
pada hari 

oh wow 150,000???
you can make that numbers of friends?
when I thought it was only limited to 1000

what a celebrity she is at friendster

Prejudas said...
pada hari 

I read this article from Friendster News it self.. actually I can't make it number of friends maybe later if I quite famous in Blogger area..hehehe.. Btw thanks for your comment and visited my blog..

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