May 3, 2008

How Hard To Make Money Online

Everyone has a dream, everyone want their self will get happy in the future, not only for them but more than that they want to make happy their family with what they have. I seldom heard someone get success to take his or her whole family went abroad or bought like a luxurious house, diamond, shiny jewellery to his wife, car, well food, and many things. It was because they are success to make a thing. Sometime I thought how much money they have, they have a lot. For me it’s not about the money it self, but what make me so exciting is they prove that they can make nothing to be something and they are success right now. It is as if that everyday is celebration day for them, today they go to Singapore and next month perhaps they will go to Australia or China.

I remember what success people ever said, such as Henry Ford said, “be careful with people who dream in the middle of the day, because they dream with their eyes wide open. It’s different with people who dream in the middle of the night with their sleepy eyes” or last two days I looked at a picture, it was a Bruce Lee picture, the picture it’s so dark, which represent how tough he was, how strong he was, how brilliant he was, and also describe how miserable his last day. Someone killed him. Beside his amazing life that can inspire peoples in the world, in that picture I also read a motivation quote from him, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do”. With that picture he tries spreading his spirit and I catch the spirit and try to do what he ask. Thank You Bruce.

Back to my title, it is hard to make money online. What is the meaning, the meaning is I catch the opportunity in online. Everything I will catch as long as it is not sin. I joined with Google Adsense, I accept advertiser put their advertising inside my blog, but until now it’s not working out. I also joined with paid to survey program but I doubt with the programs because I heard that is scam mostly. And the last thing is paid to blog program, a program which will pay you to review, write, give opinion about some products or websites. I quite interest with this program because the first time I knew that is easy to make money online, but I wrong. It is hard to be approved if your blog is average like others, we want some unique things, and blog writing updated, and of course the traffic. I have no three of them. I feel so down right after that because every my application is rejected. And then I went back to my boarding house with feeling so down and turn or my computer and checked it out my document until I found Bruce Lee picture. And feel steamed up again. Wish me luck.

P.S : I don't know who the creator of the picture that i use in above is.


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Ammanda said...
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Kuldeep said...
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