May 17, 2008

The Basic Thing About Search Engine

There are two advantages if we use search engine. The advantage for website owner and the advantage for people who search information. If you are a website owner so you can submit your site to search engine because you want people know about your site, what you write and what you sell. After submitting to search engine and you are listed in search engine so you also get free traffic of it. The problem is what numbers of traffic you will get or what numbers of visitor will visit your site. It doesn’t really matter for web master was easily getting on the top of search engine or being around of page one to page three. So, what about for new one or newbie. The key is keyword and if you’ve made your keyword works you can learn about link exchange, expert with that go to some sites that accept another site to put their ads for free, get to go to forum or groups and etc. That is how to drive traffic come to your website and make your site hit to number one of search engine or at least be around of page one to page three. But this time I do not write about haw to make all of it real but I tend to write about using keyword and other is later.

Search engine

Search engine uses robot was called spider to index your web page. If you submit your website so robot (spider) will index your submission. The spider or crawler come to your site and check your links to another page which it will categorize your site and your pages and will come back again a few month later. These are pop
ular spider search engines:
  • Google (most popular)
  • Altavista
  • Excite
  • HotBot
  • Infoseek
  • Lycos
  • WebCrawler

Beside spider search engine there is another type of search engine, which is directory. The different between search engine and directory is directory will categorize your site. For example is if your site tells about Manchester United so your site will be classified under football topic and under sport topic. And it will be relevant for people who search sites are based on topic. These are popular directories:

  • Yahoo! (Most popular)
  • LinkStar
  • Look Smart
  • Snap
  • Startingpoint
  • WWWYellowPages

Search engine optimization (SEO) based on keyword

To find a relevant keyword it is better to use keyword tool such as Good Keyword or go to and type the general keyword that you like to use and you will find many choices and the number of visitors who search based on that keyword. Or maybe you want to make it practice to do is go to your competitor site based on your keyword and find the source of their HTML and you will find what keyword they use. It will better if you choose your competitor in the first rank or in the first page of search engine and when you try to find the source of their HTML you can find it in View option of your browser then choose Source.

Then you will find a little part of the HTML or usually we call it with META Tags. The position will be on the top of your HTML. If you are already change META Tags such as "title", "description" and "keywords".

So the result is will be like this in search engine.

Website Title

Website Title

Website Title

Website Title

Website Title

Website Title

Website Title

Website Title
The description of title or something make people

interest when they read your description.


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