Apr 30, 2008

Learning Google (part 2) : Special Searching

Hello best readers, I gave you information about another way to search in Google.com previously. If you do not read yet the article please click this to read my previous article. And right know I will give you another way in searching and I will share my knowledge (I got from some SEO Masters and one Indonesian magazine CHIP Magazine because I am their customer).

By the way, beside advanced search, Google also has many searching operators. This way much more effective than Advance Search because there are some ways are not going to success in Advance Search. After learning this operator you will get a powerful research in complex searching even.

In order that Google recognize the operator, it’s necessary a special syntax. Please see this syntax:

Operator: or

example: define:love

the above example which we’ll type in Search Box means that we would like to search a love definiton. But unfortunately, there is not all operators can be used and just be used in certain country such as United State. For example you can find someone phone number in US but we can’t find in outside of US. Maybe tomorrow we will find it.

Here they are some operators:

alliantext:your keyword

Finding a document who have keyword inside

author:your keyword (a person name)

Finding an author of articles who is written by the author.

define:your keyword

Finding a definition of what you type as your keyword in websites.

Windows ext:pdf

Finding a document with current format.


Finding writing is related to your keyword in group.

intitle:your keyword

Finding document with the title that you type as your keyword.

inurl:your keyword

Displaying document is based on your keyword inside url addres.

related:your keyword (url address)

searching similar websites to url address you type.


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