May 28, 2008

How To Save 99% Your Time To Get Free Instant Targeted Traffic

Whether you are selling a product or selling people product like Clickbank, promoting affiliate programs, or just displaying Adsense or other advertising, the one thing you need to do is Targeted Traffic - and loads of it. You must try Article Submitter to get lot of free traffic.

What I write here and right now, actually is common strategic to get free traffic and targeted but it’s working even until now. Getting lots traffic is web owner problem; you always try inviting people to see your web or blog. Sometimes they are interested and others maybe are not interested with what you write or what you offer. Others who are not interested to your web or blog, I can say they are a free traffic, come from Google Search and found your web/ blog from searching. But the problem is what if you didn’t get free traffic. If you didn’t get free traffic so you can’t get targeted traffic. Have you ever heard before More Targeted Visitors = More Sales? Yes, every online marketer has same opinion about this. But how could you get targeted visitor?

The first thing you have to do is maximize your keyword. You can read my previous articles about how to maximize the keyword. And right after that you have to make it as much as your backlinks. The function of backlink itself is for your ranking in engine search. Such as Google which has Google spider or Google crawler in every couple months crawl your web/ blog and check your backlink. If you have many backlinks so Google will put you in the top of page rank. Imagine that if hundreds or even thousands web/ blog in World Wide Web has your link and when Google Crawler comes and check into websites or blogs and find your link inside their website. I’m quite sure that you must be in the top of Google Page Rank.

But actually it’s not easy to make a lot of backlinks. Because I know it’s hard and it will take time too long to put your backlink one by one in each websites. So my advice is using the software to put your backlink. The benefit of this software is you can put your backlink into thousands websites. The software is Article Submitter. This software will help you to put your articles into thousands article directories. More articles you submit more backlinks you will get and more traffic, sales, and money will come to you.


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