Apr 30, 2008

Learning Google (part 1) : Searching in Google Page-Specific Search

As we know before that the number one of search engine, which lead in Internet business field, is Google.com. Google doesn’t give their service as an engine search only. But more than that, you will find more benefits if you know more about Google.com as throughout. I firstly just knew about google.com as an engine search only that will bring me to my keyword pages what I want to know. And right now, I know more about Google. If I want to search something and type my keyword in Google Search Box so I will be given much number of search results and sometimes it is not like what I expect before because I found many web pages are not related to what I want but related to my keyword. But it doesn’t really matter right now after I found some articles about SEO in CHIP Magazine that have given me an information about a different searching method in Google. Google name that method is Google Page-Specific Search. This tool will give me a specific result of my searching.

The facility of Page-Specific Search is easily found in beneath of Google Advanced Search. Go to “Similar” box for searching similar pages without must type a keyword. For examples if we want to know about the information of Google Help, we have to type www.google.com/help.html
and click button search for next. The result is Google provides many similar websites are related to www.google.com/help.html


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