Apr 26, 2008

What if you review me and I will pay you

What is the meaning of the title above? The meaning of the title is about something that we make money from blogging generally. Beside we write what we like in our blog and also have social network in our blog, probably we can make money. The question is how? It is actually quite simple way make your blog as a money machine and the answer is review some products in your blog and the product owner will pay you. Let me say, you want to sell something; I will review what you sell. Is it interesting, isn’t it?

Writing some reviews in our blog in my opinion is advertiser way to promote their product than old way, which focuses for clicking only. We call it with paid to click. Paid to click have a system which is asked us to place their ads in our web or blog and while people find our blog they also find some text links. These text links are ads. Hopefully, when people interest with our blog and then wishes people click the ads and give us money. And what about the advertiser itself, find their ads after people click their ads in publisher space had a fact that is not all people always give attention to their products. Maybe just a little people pay attention for it. For the advertiser is not a right shot. So they make another way so that they get right people who really concern to their product or what they sell. They call it with get paid to review or another name is get paid to blog.

Get paid to review makes people understand what the products or things that they sell. People have more knowledge about the products it self and off course easily tell to everyone about advantage and disadvantage. More than that if a review is a quality one and can attract people talk, discuss or even gossiping the product will make advertiser happy because they think that they become a “pop star”.


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