Apr 26, 2008

More visitors and more clicks then

Site owners and bloggers believe that traffic is very important and so do I. One site or blog is considered get success if they have first rank or second and third rank in the first page of search engine, in Google, yahoo, MSN, and so on. But it is not sole thing to get success through by search engine. Because every search engine have a site crawler to check site performance in every month or maybe every week. Let say, today you get good performance was appraised by an engine search and they put you in the first page but what about tomorrow, next week or next month?. Maybe they put you in the second page or in the third page. It is because there are many sites that always try to increase their traffic and they are your competitors in same keyword. So, the answer is search engine doesn’t guarantee you to be the first in their page all the times. Or maybe you want to use scam method by email or auto surf to show that you visit another site and so that they visit back to you. Don’t use this method because it is inappropriate way to increase your traffic. But do the elegant way such as “come and give”. Ok. I give you parable, it is like you move to another living and you have to say something to your neighbour or maybe you come and give them a special gift, food, or another things to show that you are very enthusiastic live in around of them. In World Wide Web “come and give” means you visit their web/blog and leave your footprint in their comment box. I mean that you give your opinion about their web/log from performance itself to their articles, or you can give them some suggestion about everything you know which related to their articles. And off course come with your humble side. Don’t forget inviting them come to your web/blog. After they read your opinion in their comment box they feel happy and will say thank to you. Don’t you think that you’ve made a friendship or we usually call it with social network? If you, me or we do the same thing in every time we surf on Internet it will be a huge social network. And you definitely get a many friends from your social network that you build before and they will be loyal friend will always come to your site all the times. But be careful; don’t decrease your performance or what I said before is your elegant way. It means that, please become as much as informative possible or just become a critical one with a great opinion, which means acceptable by them. Let they think and say “it’s good idea” or “your opinion is right” and then it is probably they salute you, because you share your knowledge and information to them If one social network has been built, it is possible to you if you want to change your status from just blogger to internet marketer and you get money from your social network and added by people using engine search and find your site/blog.

Talking about people who search some information and using some keywords in engine search and then they find you, in my opinion they will find a dynamic site/blog with many readers. Once again maybe they will join with your network and try to fire up your site/blog. The advantage one if you are an online marketer, it’s lucky you: the more visitors come, the more clicks you will get.


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