Jun 12, 2008

The Best Products To Sell in Your Blog

Do you know what kind of best products you have to sell in your blog if you are a sales online marketer? I am also an online marketer like you who want to make profit from blog. I am an affiliate marketer and the products that I sell are averagely E-books, yes mostly.

For my opinion E-book is the best product to sell because its simplicity to download and to deliver than another digital product. The digital products can be any of these types:

  • E-books
  • Digital audio feeds
  • Digital video feeds
  • Members only websites

But also in my opinion, another else (digital product) beside e-books is still good to sell if you really know how to sell it. Well, like I told you before E-books is the best products to sell, I like E-books because I like reading, moreover if you sell know-how-to knowledge E-books, the best seller of fiction E-books, or another kind of E-books with great content and unique story must be sold out instead. Well, I’ll tell you why E-books is the best products:

  1. E-books are easy to produce. If you can convert your writing into html files, you can package it into an e-book.
  2. Delivering e-books is done instantly and it takes the least amount of web resources and bandwidth. (Most web hosting companies charge you the extra bandwidth you use exceeding their quota). Maybe in the future, when broadband is the standard in every home, digital audio and video feeds turn into the best solution... but for now, keep it on the safe side and save your customers and yourself a lot of headaches in making everything work. Even when broadband becomes the standard, you can pack your audio and video feeds into an e-book for easier distribution. Some marketers are already using this kind of technology in their publications. Check out this url as an example of a mini-site selling digital audio inside an e-book: MarketingTwister.com/
  3. Unlike "Members only" websites, e-books are considered by most as a one-shot deal. People don't expect you to update your e-book frequently. This gives you more time to create even more infoproducts and add them to your cashflow... thus, increasing your monthly profits.

Actually what I explained in above is quoted from what I read in Killerminisites.com but this time I will add one point why E-books is the best product for me because it’s easy to download and not take too long to wait its completeness when you download it. E-books are not like other digital products like audio or video which has big source/size when you download them.

P.S : Picture was grabbed from ebook-forsale.com


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